Scheduled For Release 2018-12-04
0000767: [Bug] Repro profitability - Buy price incorrect (Successor)
0000769: [Feature Request] Margin Finder - Market group search should match full path (Successor)
0000688: [Feature Request] Market hubs - Add a help screenshot (Successor)
0000774: [Feature Request] MER - Add some table views (Successor)
0000778: [Feature Request] Contracts - Add SSO login and opening of contract ingame (Successor)
0000776: [Feature Request] MER - Import September 2019 MER (Successor)
0000762: [Feature Request] MER - Import July 2019 MER (Successor)
0000757: [Feature Request] Add a Patreon banner (Successor)
0000756: [Bug] Imprint - Change reference to Piwik to Matomo (Successor)
0000713: [Bug] PI ranking - Errors if 6 month avg selected (Successor)
0000712: [Feature Request] Move 2018 data to archive database (Successor)
0000711: [Feature Request] MER - Import Febuary 2019 MER (Successor)
0000705: [Bug] Forecast history - Endless loop (Successor)
0000701: [Feature Request] MER - Import December 2018 MER (Successor)
0000700: [Bug] Commodity details - Division by zero (Successor)
0000698: [Bug] Structure history - New structure create error notice (Successor)
0000699: [Feature Request] Import latest SDE - 2018-12-14 (Successor)
0000696: [Feature Request] Media - Add new Youtube video (Successor)
0000692: [Feature Request] Cost index - Switch to percentage view (Successor)
0000687: [Bug] PI History - Undefined index and invalid argument warnings (Successor)
0000686: [Feature Request] API statistics - Remove CREST (Successor)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-31
First Basic functionality of the website
0000770: [Feature Request] Player stats - Import SSI provided data dump (Successor)
0000754: [Feature Request] Guild history - Add pve/crafting/gathering fame history (Successor)
0000751: [Feature Request] Main page - Redesign content (Successor)
0000734: [Bug] Guild members - Not all members are imported (Successor)
0000765: [Bug] Alliance history - TBS errors displayed (Successor)
0000763: [Feature Request] Crafting profit - Create page to rank profitability of recipies (Successor)
0000760: [Feature Request] Crafting - Cooking calculator (Successor)
0000758: [Feature Request] Add Adam4EVE Banner (Successor)
0000755: [Feature Request] Alliance monitor - Track guild activity in selectable time frame (Successor)
0000753: [Feature Request] Aggregate pve/craft/gathering fame to guild level (Successor)
0000748: [Feature Request] Guild joins/leaves - Add dedicated page (Successor)
0000747: [Feature Request] Guild history - Add links as per member listing (Successor)
0000746: [Feature Request] Update link to moved Bug Tracker Mantis (Successor)
0000745: [Feature Request] Guild history - Warnings "founder not found" and "empty array" (Successor)
0000741: [Feature Request] Guild/alliance history - Select a random guild/alliance (Successor)
0000743: [Feature Request] API info - Add search endpoint (Successor)
0000742: [Feature Request] API info - Add itemCategoryTree endpoint (Successor)
0000740: [Bug] Guild history - Division by zero warning (Successor)
0000739: [Feature Request] Guild members - Split PvP fame into Kill and Death fame (Successor)
0000738: [Feature Request] Guild history - Add kill and death data to graphs (Successor)
0000737: [Bug] Crafting - Total mastery cannot be set to > 100 (Successor)
0000736: [Feature Request] Crafting - Brewing calculator (Successor)
0000733: [Feature Request] Alliance members - Create member guild listing and stats (Successor)
0000732: [Feature Request] Reprocessing - Specific resources refine in specific cities with 35% / 53% return rate (Successor)
0000731: [Feature Request] Guild members - Create statistics listing (Successor)
0000729: [Feature Request] Alliance history - Create members and guilds graphs (Successor)
0000727: [Feature Request] API - Documentation (Successor)
0000726: [Feature Request] NATS - Visualise NATS message flow (Successor)
0000720: [Feature Request] Breeding - Allow 7 day average price (Successor)
0000724: [Feature Request] Frontpage - Show some statistics of the amount of data gathered (Successor)
0000722: [Feature Request] Gold price history (Successor)
0000721: [Bug] Breeding - Warnings of Undefined variable (Successor)
0000718: [Feature Request] Refining - Add the delta profit for focus points (Successor)
0000717: [Feature Request] Breeding - Create a calculator (Successor)
0000716: [Feature Request] Farming - Create a calculator (Successor)
0000715: [Feature Request] Refining - Create a calculator (Successor)
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