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0000897GC - CryptoSpaceCommanderFeature requestpublic2020-05-13 23:09
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Summary0000897: CSC - Job Management - Allow flexibel amount of inputs and outputs
DescriptionE5K1M0heute um 17:45 Uhr
Hey there, i was using your job manager tool on the galaxy control page and i had a suggestion. there is only boxes for 2 inputs and 1 output... there are some loadouts this does not fully work for. i have just been inputting the one set of ingredients and the appropriate time for all of them but it would be nice to see on the list everything that i have running through the refinery
Ethan02heute um 17:54 Uhr
Hi there, you mean that you e.g. input iron ore and nickel ore in the same batch to get iron and nickel out within the same job?
E5K1M0heute um 17:54 Uhr
yes, or iron, nickel, trilite, diamond to result in all 4 refined ore outputs
or say refined iron and ice to make goethite, and a side car of some octavium ore>ref
the tool is great, and still serves the base needs in its current state, just a thought for further expansion of the implementation
Ethan02heute um 17:56 Uhr
Hm, haven't been using the refineries in that way, only a single output. How does the refinery work through those jobs? Sequentially?
E5K1M0heute um 17:56 Uhr
no it treats it all like one load
for both mfg and refining, all the actual calculations are done at time of pushing the button, the ui is just locked for a timer duration
like when you mfg a ship game decides if its T1 or T2 the minute you press go
you just have to wait to see
without seeing the way you have it all coded, it seems to me that you should just be able to have a few more boxes..... but thats coming from a hardware junkie, not a code monkey
Ethan02heute um 23:04 Uhr
Yes, I could add more input and output boxes but I'll probably rather make it completely flexible that you can select as many input and outputs as you like. Then its prepared for any changes LucidSight might bring. I'll add it to the ToDo, however won't be implemented tomorrow. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! :thumbsup:
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