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0000958: [Bug] Farming calculator wrong herb mastery labels (Successor)
0000971: [Bug] Major Poison Potion works with wrong ressource Numbers (Successor)
0000952: [Bug] Formula for Major Poison potion (Successor)
0000937: [Bug] Refining Bonus (Successor)
0000876: [Feature Request] Can't find our guild (Successor)
0000893: [Feature Request] API Info - /events/killfame listed twice & guildID parameter (Successor)
0000751: [Feature Request] Main page - Redesign content (Successor)
0000831: [Bug] Title does not change if cooking or potions (Successor)
0000836: [Feature Request] Add CSC banner to home (Successor)
0000835: [Feature Request] Add a favicon (Successor)
0000834: [Feature Request] Add Twitter logo to footer (Successor)
0000865: [Bug] Wrong names on some items (Successor)
0000828: [Feature Request] Refining profitability needs to integrate enchanted stone (Successor)
0000844: [Bug] Refining not working (Successor)
0000784: [Feature Request] List of item types (Successor)
0000779: [Feature Request] Taxes changed ingame (Successor)
0000768: [Feature Request] API docu - Add additional endpoints (Successor)
0000761: [Bug] Farming - Missing filter function for prices (Successor)
0000765: [Bug] Alliance history - TBS errors displayed (Successor)
0000763: [Feature Request] Crafting profit - Create page to rank profitability of recipies (Successor)
0000760: [Feature Request] Crafting - Cooking calculator (Successor)
0000759: [Bug] Crafting - Usage fee can be more than 100% (Successor)
0000758: [Feature Request] Add Adam4EVE Banner (Successor)
0000755: [Feature Request] Alliance monitor - Track guild activity in selectable time frame (Successor)
0000753: [Feature Request] Aggregate pve/craft/gathering fame to guild level (Successor)
0000744: [Feature Request] Main page - Add changelog (Successor)
0000750: [Feature Request] Add a Patreon banner (Successor)
0000749: [Feature Request] Guild history - Joins/leaves - Add to/from guild information (Successor)
0000748: [Feature Request] Guild joins/leaves - Add dedicated page (Successor)
0000747: [Feature Request] Guild history - Add links as per member listing (Successor)
0000746: [Feature Request] Update link to moved Bug Tracker Mantis (Successor)
0000745: [Feature Request] Guild history - Warnings "founder not found" and "empty array" (Successor)
0000741: [Feature Request] Guild/alliance history - Select a random guild/alliance (Successor)
0000743: [Feature Request] API info - Add search endpoint (Successor)
0000742: [Feature Request] API info - Add itemCategoryTree endpoint (Successor)
0000740: [Bug] Guild history - Division by zero warning (Successor)
0000739: [Feature Request] Guild members - Split PvP fame into Kill and Death fame (Successor)
0000738: [Feature Request] Guild history - Add kill and death data to graphs (Successor)
0000736: [Feature Request] Crafting - Brewing calculator (Successor)
0000733: [Feature Request] Alliance members - Create member guild listing and stats (Successor)
0000732: [Feature Request] Reprocessing - Specific resources refine in specific cities with 35% / 53% return rate (Successor)
0000731: [Feature Request] Guild members - Create statistics listing (Successor)
0000730: [Feature Request] Player history - Create fame history graphs (Successor)
0000728: [Feature Request] Guild history - Create members and fame graphs (Successor)
0000727: [Feature Request] API - Documentation (Successor)
0000723: [Bug] Calculators - Non-EU locale breaks JavaScript Calculations (Successor)
0000722: [Feature Request] Gold price history (Successor)
0000718: [Feature Request] Refining - Add the delta profit for focus points (Successor)
0000717: [Feature Request] Breeding - Create a calculator (Successor)
0000716: [Feature Request] Farming - Create a calculator (Successor)
0000715: [Feature Request] Refining - Create a calculator (Successor)
0000890: [Bug] I'm not in statistics tab (Successor)
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