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0000890Tools4AlbionBugpublic2020-05-16 16:25
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Fixed in Version0.1 
Summary0000890: I'm not in statistics tab
DescriptionMy char: c13chom is not in the statistics tab.
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2020-05-07 20:36

reporter   ~0005352

By statistics I mean player history


2020-05-09 23:15

administrator   ~0005489

That's because the Albion API didn't spit you out in any of the top ranking or guild memberships listings. There is no full player list unfortunately.
Added you manually, thus you should be tracked from now on.


2020-05-13 12:11

reporter   ~0005720

Now that I'm in player history my problem is that my stats are empty and not updating and also I'm not displayed that I'm in my guild FunPolice.


2020-05-13 16:53    private

reporter   ~0005729

Changed guild to Chosen Exterminators and it did not update on website.


2020-05-16 16:25

administrator   ~0005847

That is simply because the API seems to have trouble providing data for you. I called the endpoint for your character several times the last days and the API returned "504 Gateway Time-out" for your ID.
Today for the first time it did return data. Thus not an issue of T4A, but with the API on SBI side.

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