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0001037: [Bug] Daily price change trend NULL (Successor)
0001025: [Feature Request] MER - Import January 2021 MER (Successor)
0001004: [Bug] Station trade metrics - All zero rows shown (Successor)
0000997: [Feature Request] Revamp A4E homepage to T4A and GC standard (Successor)
0000994: [Feature Request] Margin finder - Add columns to show age of price information (Successor)
0000993: [Feature Request] Margin finder - Use ESI "Open market window" UI endpoint (Successor)
0000985: [Bug] virus laden bad link on (firefox only?) (Successor)
0000940: [Bug] MER - Undefined index: Skill Purchase (Successor)
0000896: [Bug] Trade History (Successor)
0000849: [Feature Request] MER - Import January 2020 MER (Successor)
0000814: [Bug] Contracts - Import fails with a DB function error (Successor)
0000815: [Feature Request] MER - Import December 2019 MER (Successor)
0000781: [Feature Request] ESI alliance endpoint - Adapt to endpoint change (Successor)
0000780: [Feature Request] MER - Import October 2019 MER (Successor)
0000774: [Feature Request] MER - Add some table views (Successor)
0000773: [Feature Request] MSR - Import statistics (Successor)
0000776: [Feature Request] MER - Import September 2019 MER (Successor)
0000772: [Feature Request] MER - Import August 2019 MER (Successor)
0000771: [Feature Request] SDE - Import September 2019 CCP SDE (Successor)
0000762: [Feature Request] MER - Import July 2019 MER (Successor)
0000757: [Feature Request] Add a Patreon banner (Successor)
0000756: [Bug] Imprint - Change reference to Piwik to Matomo (Successor)
0000752: [Bug] Market orders - Failed SQL if a jump distance is selected (Successor)
0000725: [Bug] Cost Index - Add Reaction cost index (Successor)
0000719: [Feature Request] MER - Import April 2019 MER (Successor)
0000713: [Bug] PI ranking - Errors if 6 month avg selected (Successor)
0000712: [Feature Request] Move 2018 data to archive database (Successor)
0000711: [Feature Request] MER - Import Febuary 2019 MER (Successor)
0000706: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Add forecast-discontinued note (Successor)
0000705: [Bug] Forecast history - Endless loop (Successor)
0000701: [Feature Request] MER - Import December 2018 MER (Successor)
0000700: [Bug] Commodity details - Division by zero (Successor)
0000698: [Bug] Structure history - New structure create error notice (Successor)
0000699: [Feature Request] Import latest SDE - 2018-12-14 (Successor)
0000697: [Feature Request] ESI URL changed - Update URLs across the site (Successor)
0000696: [Feature Request] Media - Add new Youtube video (Successor)
0000692: [Feature Request] Cost index - Switch to percentage view (Successor)
0000691: [Feature Request] Industry - Fetch adjusted price from ESI (Successor)
0000687: [Bug] PI History - Undefined index and invalid argument warnings (Successor)
0000686: [Feature Request] API statistics - Remove CREST (Successor)
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Released 2018-10-04
Price comparison and structure history; contracts
0000967: [Feature Request] MER - Import July and August 2020 MER (Successor)
0000783: [Bug] Reprocessing - Calculation error for Ores (Successor)
0000685: [Feature Request] Bump version to 0.0.17 (Successor)
0000677: [Feature Request] Contract profitability - Allow filtering (Successor)
0000684: [Bug] ESI type check - Market group ID change not detected (Successor)
0000682: [Bug] Commodity details - Some items have no price history even with active market orders (Successor)
0000683: [Bug] Commodity details - Different region scope not selectable (Successor)
0000680: [Bug] Commodity details - Some items have no market path and link (Successor)
0000681: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Market path has a trailing slash (Successor)
0000676: [Feature Request] Contract profit - Create a ranking page (Successor)
0000675: [Feature Request] Contracts - Show details page (Successor)
0000672: [Feature Request] Contracts - Calculate profitability of contracts (Successor)
0000673: [Feature Request] MER - Import August 2018 MER (Successor)
0000670: [Feature Request] Contracts - Calculate 7 day avg price (Successor)
0000671: [Feature Request] Contracts - Show contract price history of an item (Successor)
0000669: [Bug] PI chain - Plasma planets are shown as Barren (Successor)
0000667: [Feature Request] Contracts - Record also number of contracts (Successor)
0000666: [Feature Request] TinyButStrong - Upgrade library to 3.10.1 (Successor)
0000664: [Feature Request] Contracts - Record price history (Successor)
0000663: [Feature Request] Contracts - Create an importer for the new ESI endpoints (Successor)
0000662: [Bug] Market trends - Help screenshot doesn't include the link to market order browser (Successor)
0000643: [Feature Request] Structure list - Also list NPC structures if NPC owner selected (Successor)
0000656: [Feature Request] Hub trade type history - Link from menu and allow station and type selection (Successor)
0000657: [Bug] Hub type history - Minimum/Maximum estimation doesn't make any change (Successor)
0000658: [Bug] PI Ranking - Division by Zero error (Successor)
0000655: [Feature Request] Reprocessing ranking - Page that shows what is lucrative to reprocess (Successor)
0000654: [Feature Request] Reprocessing - Create a page like PI chain chart (Successor)
0000538: [Feature Request] Manufacturing profit - Determine future of page (Successor)
0000652: [Feature Request] Manufacturing profit - Create a new page (Successor)
0000647: [Feature Request] Graph Jumps - Create dedicated graph for gate jumps (Successor)
0000648: [Feature Request] Graph Jumps - Create dedicated graph for CCP kill data (Successor)
0000650: [Bug] Trade history - Empty price graph (Successor)
0000649: [Bug] Structure kills - Fix faction citadels (Successor)
0000651: [Feature Request] GraphP0rn - Redesign as a graph index (Successor)
0000645: [Feature Request] Graph - Ships and value lost in Abyssal space (and other regions) (Successor)
0000646: [Feature Request] MER - Import June 2018 MER (Successor)
0000642: [Bug] Structure history - Undefined index Notice (Successor)
0000639: [Bug] Structure owner - For some structures not stored (Successor)
0000636: [Feature Request] Add ESI status to API status page (Successor)
0000606: [Feature Request] CREST - Remove availability checker (Successor)
0000605: [Feature Request] CREST availability (Successor)
0000640: [Feature Request] Station info - Mark unknown names (Successor)
0000641: [Feature Request] MER - Import May 2018 (Successor)
0000638: [Bug] Material influence graphs - Undefined index (Successor)
0000634: [Bug] Structure stats - Count of Citadels graph broken (Successor)
0000635: [Bug] PI Ranking - Division by Zero error (Successor)
0000632: [Feature Request] Structure changelog - Add owner changes (Successor)
0000631: [Feature Request] Structure history - Add owner information and history (Successor)
0000630: [Feature Request] Structures - Capture owner information (Successor)
0000628: [Bug] Income history - Invalid index, invalid argument errors; empty graphs (Successor)
0000625: [Bug] Structure history - NPC stations not shown (Successor)
0000627: [Bug] Price charts - Several warning Undefined index (Successor)
0000626: [Bug] Price compare - Undefined index warnings (Successor)
0000623: [Bug] Location details - Lots of division by zeros for Jovian space (Successor)
0000622: [Bug] Manufacturing Calc - Broken page for type 617 (Successor)
0000609: [Bug] Kill graph - Top 5 alliances by kills has alliances without resolved names shown (Successor)
0000610: [Feature Request] Structure kill stats - Show graphs for refineries (Successor)
0000620: [Bug] PI history - Lots of errors if no parameter is selected (Successor)
0000619: [Bug] Material influence - Lots of undefined index errors (Successor)
0000618: [Bug] PI history - non-numeric value encountered (Successor)
0000617: [Bug] Price charts - Several errors if no categoryID is defined (Successor)
0000616: [Bug] Forecast history - Division by zero (Successor)
0000615: [Bug] Forecast history - Undefined index (Successor)
0000614: [Bug] PI chain profitability history - Undefined index (Successor)
0000613: [Bug] Material influence history - Division by Zero (Successor)
0000612: [Bug] Market orders - Undefined index: buy (Successor)
0000582: [Feature Request] Create an error handler that mails errors occuring in production (Successor)
0000604: [Feature Request] Players online - Remove XML API failover (Successor)
0000608: [Bug] Location details - Notices and empty graphs for Wormhole systems (Successor)
0000611: [Feature Request] Large trades - Change name link from location details to structure history (Successor)
0000607: [Feature Request] Margin finder - Create new tool (Successor)
0000603: [Bug] Structures - Non-Freeport structures with ranged buy orders don't update name (Successor)
0000581: [Feature Request] Structures - Store name and freeport history (Successor)
0000602: [Bug] Market orders - Filtering by structure only partially working (Successor)
0000601: [Feature Request] Structure stats - Consistent links (Successor)
0000600: [Bug] Structure stats - Unknown structure type shown as "#System" (Successor)
0000599: [Bug] Market hubs - System name always has system ID 0 (Successor)
0000598: [Bug] Commodity details - Old Plex causes a lot of warning (Successor)
0000580: [Feature Request] TypeID list - List also un-published types (Successor)
0000594: [Feature Request] Market structure graphs - Fix graphs (Successor)
0000597: [Feature Request] MER - Add regional stats comparison (Successor)
0000596: [Feature Request] MER - Add regional stats (Successor)
0000595: [Feature Request] MER - Add Production vs. Destruction vs. Mining Graph (Successor)
0000593: [Feature Request] Location details - Link cost indexes to dedicated page (Successor)
0000591: [Feature Request] Price comparison - Errors if a structure is first location and a region a following (Successor)
0000590: [Feature Request] Price and volume comparison graph (Successor)
0000589: [Feature Request] Price and volume comparison table (Successor)
0000588: [Bug] DB - In station price history there are record with buy price min and volume being 0 (Successor)
0000587: [Bug] Location details - Errors if Citadel is selected, graphs with no data (Successor)
0000586: [Bug] DB - CCP trade data missing for Jan till April 2015 (Successor)
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