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0000260Adam4EVEBugpublic2017-02-01 11:39
ReporterDocLeonard Assigned ToSuccessor  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOperaOSMicrosoft Windows 7OS Version64Bit
Product Version0.0.7 
Fixed in Version0.0.7 
Summary0000260: GraphPorn -> Trade = Not working
DescriptionThe template for the Trade page under GraphPorn does not load.
Steps To ReproduceI. Hover mouse over GraphPorn.
II. Click Trade submenu
Additional InformationTinyButStrong Error with LoadTemplate() method: file 'templates/graph_select_trade.tpl' is not found or not readable.
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2017-02-01 01:52


visual.png (24,733 bytes)   
visual.png (24,733 bytes)   


2017-02-01 11:39

administrator   ~0000174

Uh, my bad... that menu option shouldn't be in production, since that feature is not finished yet.

Seems to have slipped in with v0.0.7. Removed the link.

Thanks for the report!

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