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0001080Adam4EVEBugpublic2022-05-29 04:40
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Platformgoogle chromeOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.0.17 
Summary0001080: Reprocessing profitability calculating at 99%+ yield
DescriptionAny item I try to calculate reprocessing profitability for comes out far more optimistic than it should. Instead of multiplying the total output materials by 0.5 (displays 0.5 at both 50% yield and 53%) and then subtracting that number from the total, it is currently subtracting 0.5 of a single material. I was attempting to use it to calculate yield and returns on a few high priced items and have lost over a billion isk because of this bug.
Steps To ReproduceUnder reprocessing profitability, entered 69% for ore yield and 53% for item yield and clicked "show me". Clicked items in the results list to see breakdown and viewed results with both 50% as well as 53% entered for yield for the item.
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