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0001052Tools4AlbionFeature Requestpublic2021-09-07 20:14
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Summary0001052: Refining Calculator - Quantity based on focus amount/cost
DescriptionWith the Refining calculator I think it would be great if the quantity refined could be set based on the available focus.

Because the amount crafted affects the profit % due to the return cost I think it would be useful if you could put your available focus, and based on your spec the quantities crafted of the different mats could be adjusted

for example If I put I have 1000 focus available, and due to my specs t4 hide costs 10 focus to produce and t5 hide costs 50 it would show profits for crafting 100 t4 hide vs crafting 20 t5 hide.

I think this would be very useful as often focus available is the limiting factor when refining
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