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0001048Adam4EVEBugpublic2021-08-05 17:02
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Summary0001048: In DEV not all Group Names work in Margin Finder
DescriptionIn DEV the group names below show a generic page of results rather than the listing for the group

Group Name Group Number
Standard Expert Systems 4091
Mobile Cynosural Beacon 4093
Mobile Cynosural Beacon Blueprint 4095
Molecular-Forged Materials 4096
Molecular-Forged Reaction Formulas 4097
Promotional Expert Systems 4098

Works fine in PROD.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Adam4Eve dev, select Margin Finder, enter any of the group names above. Note the group name does not update on the page and the returned results do not match the group.

Filter settings in the image below.

Updated URL after entering the group is correct.
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2021-08-05 17:02


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