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Summary0001046: "Daily trade volume by type" is incorrect
DescriptionSomething is wrong with "Daily trade volume by type" data. If you load up, as of 2021-06-11 data doesn't make much sense. E.g. it shows "Precursor Destroyer 107 252 91.840.093.074" line at 0000024. So according to that, average price for this skillbook was 91,840,093,074 / 252 = 364,444,814. While daily traded numbers at 254 look reasonable, the average price is off by 3 orders of magnitude (it trades in 300-400 _thousands_ range, not _millions_). A4E's own price history for the item shows correct data, so it is "Daily trade volume by type" that is somehow wrong.

There are other items that look equally wrong. E.g. Life Support Backup Unit Blueprint is reported as 81 billions total in 75 units, so 1 billion+ per unit, but this is an item that is sold by NPCs for 150mm straight, the real average traded price is pretty much exactly that.
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