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0001040Tools4AlbionBugpublic2021-04-06 18:51
ReporterHendat Assigned ToSuccessor  
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PlatformFirefox 87.0OSMac OSOS Version11.2.3
Summary0001040: Price update
DescriptionIf we look at the screenshots, the first one is on April 5 at 22:20 (UTC-4) and the second one is on April 6 at 06:50, 8:30 later.

On the first screenshot the Turnip Seed price is less than 2 hours old, and there is no price on the second screenshot.

For the Bean Seed, at the bottom, they are 1.7 hours old while a few hours later they are 2.7 days old. And so on...
Steps To ReproduceCheck prices a few hours later
Additional InformationThe second screenshot came also from Lymhurst.
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