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0000766Tools4AlbionFeature Requestpublic2019-09-09 19:26
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Summary0000766: [Refining] Add weight and profit/kg to the table
DescriptionTitle pretty much sums it up. It would benefit me and others who use this tool greatly when running materials between Caerleon and the Royals.

The profit/kg would just be total profit divided by the weight of the end result.
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2019-09-08 17:23

reporter   ~0000575

Wouldn't this also require the selection of 2 cities to make sense? One where you buy, one where you sell.


2019-09-09 19:26

administrator   ~0000577

Makes sense, the weigth is available in the aod exports. Thus need to import these and add them to the table. Seems simple.

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