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0000271Adam4EVEFeature Requestpublic2017-03-06 12:58
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Product Version0.0.8 
Summary0000271: PI - Allow for custom prices
DescriptionAbility to enter custom prices for materials in PI chain.This might be in a similar way as the custom taxes are.
Potentially easy to do, however the UI is already complex and crowded. And adding custom price input fields to each material at each level of the chain might make it unusable to 98% of the visitors. Thus would think rather of a dedicated table for example below the chain to set custom prices. Or any other UI ideas? [:8)] But in general do-able.
Yes you have a point there, but just imagine the situation someone buys large quantities or P1 materials for example to enter a low-sec area and do the PI factories there or he is on war and dont want to bother with much of shipments back and forth the POCOs. Or just simple is lazy and want to avoide 15+ jumps from the closest trade hub. The scenario that covers, is to buy large quantities from the makret ever week or more. The prizes change from day to day and even more from week to week and thus the initial prizes need to be entered manually. If he relies on your site he might se the current or 1mnth average or 6 months average. What about the prizes from back 9 days lets say, he should be able to put them in chain by hand, as you have the taxes.
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