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0001083Adam4EVEBugpublic2022-07-11 18:34
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Summary0001083: PI not probable ignoring exponential cost in higher tiers
DescriptionIf let's say I want to build the P4 material 'Self-Harmonizing Power Core' and with a level 2 factory (import P2 on planet -> transform it to P4 -> export and sell) I need 6 of each P3 material to create one P4 unit. I need 20 of each P2 material to create 3 units of a P3 material - therefor I need 40 units of each P2 material to create one P4 unit. According to this costs 0000009:0000002.8m to buy from sell orders.
When I check all the checkboxes for in the upper right of each P2 material at (Trade Hub Jita, buy from sell, sell to sell, 8% customs, 5% tax) the number in the lower left of the the final product (P4 node) says I'm making ~150k ISK per production. When hovering this value the sell revenue and customs seem correct but the buy cost says only about 1.6m which is far off the 2.8m.
My guess is that only 20 units of each P2 material are used in the cost calculation and maybe some taxes are applied albeit buying instead of selling?
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