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0001051Adam4EVEBugpublic2021-09-01 22:51
Reporteranonymous Assigned ToSuccessor  
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PlatformFirefoxOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.0.17 
Summary0001051: Missing Stations from Market lists
DescriptionMany public stations aren't showing up in the market lists. This is a relatively new bug. For example:

My station in Aice does not show up in the market listings for items that I have sell/buy orders for
However, iChooseYou market shows up in Azer

I checked both stations in the history browser and both of them show as freeports with markets and both of them show that they were 'last seen' as of todays date. I've noticed the same issue with other 3rd party market tools (evepraisal also neglects this station). This all started happening in the last 2 months-ish.
Steps To ReproduceOpen market orders, search for something common (thrasher, Plex etc.),
Limit orders to Everyshore reason
Only Azer - iChooseYou market will show up (along with NPC markets)
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