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0001035Adam4EVEFeature Requestpublic2021-03-10 06:44
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0001035: More various issues
DescriptionFrom Dr. Spodumain ‚ú®gestern um 15:14 Uhr in Oz Discord

- Pagination/number of results control in Margin finder would be much appreciated (Seems to return an arbitrary number of results with opaque reasoning)
- Hitting enter in search boxes returns an invalid search result (Shows default, instead of matching search term)
- Most useful features (see pic) require you to scroll to find them, and are very difficult to differentiate at a glance. All suffer from the above problem.
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2021-03-10 06:44


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unknown.png (28,800 bytes)   

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