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0001023Adam4EVEBugpublic2021-02-16 19:37
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PlatformMozilla FirefoxOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.0.17 
Summary0001023: Clicking options on the "Order item quantity" graph causes "Price & build history" to no longer function
DescriptionWhen I load the price & volume history graph page, initially I am able to use the "Price & build history" graph completely as normal. However, after I click any graph display options on the "Order item quantity" graph below, clicking on the price history display options changes only the quantity graph.


This happens consistently, and does not seem to change with region, commodity, date range, or averaging.
Clicking on price options only toggles the related quantity feature (i.e. sell price to sell order volume).
The quantity options continue to function normally.
The display follows whichever of the two buttons were most recently pressed (i.e. if the quantity "sells to buy orders" is turned off, and the price "build buy" is turned on but clicked to set it to off, the "sells to buy" will remain off until one of the two is clicked).
The order each graph is clicked does not matter; once a quantity option has been toggled, the bug occurs.
Changing the date range does not affect the bug in any way.
All quantity buttons trigger the bug, including ESI traded volume which does not have a pair on the price graph, and none of the price options appear to trigger the bug.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open the price & volume history graph in Firefox
2. Click any of the five display options on the "Order item quantity of [commodity]" graph
3. Click any of the four display options on the "Price & build history of [commodity]" graph
Additional InformationMy EVE character is Tyra Nobhenin!
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2021-02-16 19:37

administrator   ~0012026

Could reproduce. Interesting one and nice catch. Thank you.
Will send bounty ASAP.

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