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0001022Adam4EVEFeature Requestpublic2021-02-16 14:47
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PlatformMozilla FirefoxOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.0.17 
Summary0001022: Reprocessing limitation
DescriptionWhat I am trying to prove is that the amount of compressed ore i am buying will give me the amount of minerals i need to build a ship. Ideally i would copy/paste this into a text input with multiple types of ore with varying quantities. I found the reproccesing section just fine but it only lets me input integers up to 999 i suspect. Also the percentage input for refining lets me put in '89.' but not '89.3' so it also is kind of limiting.
Steps To ReproduceTry reprocess 10,234,654 units of compressed veldspar with a refinning efficiency of 89.3%.
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2021-02-16 14:47

administrator   ~0012024

Changed to Feature request, since this is not a bug.
Overall the changes should be fairly simple to implement.

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