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0001009Adam4EVEBugpublic2021-01-17 21:34
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PlatformMozilla FirefoxOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.0.17 
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Summary0001009: Market hub filtering option has a variety of failures and bugs
DescriptionError: Expression 0000002 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'a4e_eve_dump.mapSolarSystems.solarSystemName' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
SELECT a.solSysID, a.solarSystemName,, a.regionID, a.regionName, a.pc_buy_orders, a.pc_buy_volume, a.pc_sell_orders, a.pc_sell_volume, a.typeName FROM ( SELECT COALESCE(`mapSolarSystems`.`solarSystemID`, esiSys.`solarSystemID`) AS solSysID, COALESCE(`mapSolarSystems`.`solarSystemName`, esiSys.`solarSystemName`) AS solarSystemName, COALESCE(`mapSolarSystems`.`security`, esiSys.`security`) AS security, COALESCE(`mapRegions`.`regionID`, esiSys.`regionID`) AS regionID, COALESCE(`mapRegions`.`regionName`, esiRegion.`regionName`) AS regionName, SUM(`MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`pc_buy_orders`) AS pc_buy_orders, SUM(`MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`pc_buy_volume`) AS pc_buy_volume, SUM(`MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`pc_sell_orders`) AS pc_sell_orders, SUM(`MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`pc_sell_volume`) AS pc_sell_volume, `invTypes`.`typeName` FROM `a4e_shared`.`MarketStationMetricsHistory` LEFT JOIN `a4e_eve_dump`.`staStations` ON `staStations`.`stationID` = `MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`stationID` LEFT JOIN `a4e_eve_dump`.`mapSolarSystems` ON `mapSolarSystems`.`solarSystemID` = `staStations`.`solarSystemID` LEFT JOIN `a4e_eve_dump`.`mapRegions` ON `mapRegions`.`regionID` = `mapSolarSystems`.`regionID` LEFT JOIN `a4e_shared`.`EsiStructureDetails` ON `EsiStructureDetails`.`structureID` = `MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`stationID` LEFT JOIN `a4e_eve_dump`.`mapSolarSystems` AS esiSys ON esiSys.`solarSystemID` = `EsiStructureDetails`.`solarSystemID` LEFT JOIN `a4e_eve_dump`.`mapRegions` AS esiRegion ON esiRegion.`regionID` = esiSys.`regionID` LEFT JOIN a4e_eve_dump.`invTypes` ON `invTypes`.`typeID` = `EsiStructureDetails`.`typeID` WHERE `MarketStationMetricsHistory`.`date` > '2021-01-02' GROUP BY date, solSysID ) a GROUP BY solSysID ORDER BY pc_buy_volume DESC LIMIT 50
Steps To ReproduceOpen market hubs page

Set sorting to player sell volume

Set average over days to anything

Set number of rows to anything

Watch SQL fireworks fly
Additional InformationThere are TONS of combinations that will cause crashes/errors. Im not particularly motivated to suss them all out. What I do know is they all produce very similar looking SQL errors . . so I suspect they might have all one root cause
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2021-01-16 23:07


bug.PNG (236,729 bytes)
bug.PNG (236,729 bytes)


2021-01-17 21:15

administrator   ~0011873

Needs to be in system mode.

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