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0001003Adam4EVEFeature Requestpublic2021-02-04 14:17
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Summary0001003: Number format options

Would it be possible to have a user setting that defines the number format?

It looks like the site uses 1.000.000,00 for 1 million ISK and no cents , but I find this very difficult to read.

In my country (England) we use 1,000,000.00
Would it be much work to create a toggle switch to pick which separators to have on the numbers?

Thank you for creating such a great tool!.

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2021-02-04 14:17

administrator   ~0011884

Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah, opted to use my native number format. :-)
I probably could make that a session or user setting, but I'd have to touch a lot of places to do that. Thus I'll keep is as a feature request, but wouldn't get your hopes up that this is something coming soon.

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